Sabah Society For The Blind Sandakan Launched Postal Appeal

The Sabah Society For The Blind, Sandakan Branch launched a postal appeal on 14th September 2019 to seek public financial supportsĀ  for its operation of Taman Cahaya Training Centre For The Blind, Sandakan.

The blind residential training centre needs about RM350,000.00 each year to run the various training programme for the benefits of the visually handicapped persons in Sabah and is currently receiving an annual grant of RM60,000.00 from the Sabah Government.

The Management of Sabah Society For The Blind, Sandakan Branch, staff and blind trainees of Taman Cahaya would like to sincerely thank all kind supporters who have in one way or another have rendered their generous assistance in the past and look forward to receiving the same generosity and positive response to our postal appeal to give the less fortunate visually handicapped peoples in Sabah a better and hopeful future.