EPIC Home For Underprivileged Visually Impaired Community

With joint initiative and assistance from YB Vivian Wong (Member of Parliament of Sandakan) and the EPIC team, plan is underway to redevelop the village for the blind ex-trainees at Taman Cahaya, Mile 12, Rancangan Sungai Manaila, Sandakan with better housing infrastructure and  conducive living environment. YB Vivian and the EPIC team conducted a preliminary onsite inspection of the village on 13/12/2019 to kick start the said charitable project.

YB Vivian Wong and the EPIC team briefing the blind inmates on the project.

A group photo of YB Vivian Wong, EPIC team, Society’s Committee Members and the blind inmates.

YB Vivian Wong, EPIC team and Society’s Chairman (Chong Yee Fah) & Committee Members conducting a site inspection.

A snap shot of YB Vivian Wong, EPIC team and Society’s Committee Members.